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What to expect?
1. Please click CALENDLY to schedule your 30-45 minute on-boarding meeting to talk about your particular reputation marketing strategy.
This information will be used to establish your company’s reputation system .

2.  We will schedule a 20 minute appointment to go over how to use the your reputation portal during your on-boarding call. Please  be thinking of some time, as they tend to fill up quickly. We will also give you your login access at that time as well.
If you have any problems logging in, please do send us an email to irisc@glfyb.com and put Login in the subject field.

3. We will check in with you in about 2 weeks to see if you have any questions and to go over your reputation portal updates.  You may send us any email questions in the meantime.

What’s Included in the BETA PROGRAM and Requirements :
Requirements: 3 Referrals during the on-boarding call, 12 Month Commitment at the BETA Price Discussed

Brand Manager


  • Setup 24/7 Monitoring
  • Listing Optimization
  • Instant Review Alerts
  • Online Review Analytics
  • Monthly Reputation Reports
  • Respond Bad Reviews
  • Email Support
    Setup $697 / Mo: $297


Business Builder


  • Brand Manager Features
    (Auto Review Building: Campaigns & Surveys)
  • 2 Custom Feedback Pages
  • Custom Feedback CRM
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Complete Analytics
  • Smart Feedback Routing
  • Sign In “Virtual Clipboard”
  • Employee Training Center
  • $2000 Marketing Media Center
  • Easy Way To : Post Reviews Online
  • Review Request Campaigns
    Setup $1297 / Mo. $697
Market Reputation


  • Manager & Builder Features
  • Monthly 60 Sec. Video Commercials
  • Website & Blog Review Marketing
  • Social Media Review & Marketing
  • Image Review Marketing
  • Video Review Marketing + SEO
  • monthly Marketing Analytics
  • Facebook Video Cover
  • Digital RepAd Design Set
  • 10,000 Monthly Views
  • Market To Photo Sharing (5 Star Images on Social Media)
    Setup $1997 / Mo. $997

Advertising expectations are that you understand that these are ads and we give no guarantee that you will get calls , sales or emails for your service.  There are many factors that determine getting a sale, but the biggest factor would be your offering and if there is demand for it. You commit to keep program for a minimum of 12 months at the recurring monthly fee.
(Advertising Notice) All advertisers recommend running ads enough times to at minimum show the ad for at least 7 times to increase your chances of being seen. If you are running ads, you also understand that the ad placements and the retargeting service fee is separate from the web page creation. You can cancel the ad placement service anytime after 4 months.

Thank you. Any support questions can be directed to irisc@glfyb.com. If a consult call is needed, please schedule one with our Calendly link.