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Over the past 20,  years I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners who needed everything from funding to figuring out how to promote their business via digital advertising.

It all came down to “
I have something to sell that I know people in business need so how can I let them know about it and gain income at the same time?”

I’ve helped numerous businesses discover what they’re best at, get their business to the top of Google, and drive traffic to their website.

Let me share a testimony of my one of my clients in Laurel, MD who owns a computer backup business.

“When I hired Iris, we got our clients through other computer companies who didn’t want to deal with backup services. Their option was to recommend other backup services like, Carbonite and Barracuda, but these services only offered cookie cutter plans and we offered plans specific to our clients needs. We realized we needed clients to contact us directly. We had no impressions, meaning no one was seeing our website. That’s where Iris’s digital marketing helped to drive traffic to our website in the form of impressions. Here’s my results after 3 months with Iris. I believe the results speak more than words.”

In this situation, I was able to look at the problem, discover what was needed and create the solution to solve the problem.
Several strategies were used including starting with a free discovery call, to developing and creating a plan specific to your needs to driving traffic to your business.

My idea clients are business owner who have been in business for at least 2 years, open for the discovery call, are accountable, understands you must spend money to make money and has a marketing budget.
If that is you, and you are serious about becoming a successful business owner, then we need to talk.