Thank you Social Business Plan

Thank you for your purchase. A client representative will contact you withing 24-48 hours of the date and time you entered on the form.

What to expect?
1. We will set up approximately 30 minutes to talk to you about your story. This information will be in the content area of the one page opt-in web page.

2.  You will be sent the URL to review the web page and the URL to the ads created for submitting to ad agency. (email:
After review you have 2 days to get back to your rep. via email with your changes. We will make the changes within 2-3 days and ask you to review the web page again. Once you have approved the web page  and ads via email, we will process the web page to go live and begin to promote your page and approved ads within 2-7 days. You will have 2 edits.

3. Upon your web page and ads going live, and retargeting, you will receive a confirmation that site is live within a day and you will receive a report the 3rd week showing impressions, clicks and best ad and placement.

Advertising expectations are that you understand that these are ads and we give no guarantee that you will get calls , sales or emails for your service.  There are many factors that determine getting a sale, but the biggest factor would be your offering and if there is demand for it. You commit to keep ads running for a minimum of 4 months at the recurring monthly fee, so your ad can be shown to potential clients for at least 7 times. All advertisers recommend running ads enough times to at minimum show the ad for at least 7 times to increase your chances of being seen. You also understand that the ad placements and the retargeting service fee is separate from the web page creation. You can cancel the ad placement service anytime after 4 months.

Thank you. Any support questions can be directed to If a consult call is needed, please schedule one with our calendly link.

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